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Drug addiction isn’t always a person’s sole mental health problem. People addicted to drugs often have other psychological disorders which complicate, exacerbate, or even abet their addiction problems: depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, and so forth. These co-occurring disorders (formerly known as “dual diagnoses”) are real and recurrent mental health issues, just like addiction, and must be addressed in therapy. Knowing more about the nature of co-occurring disorders will help you understand what you or a loved one is going through.

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Co-Occurring Disorders Explained

A co-occurring disorder is a mental disease such as bipolar disorder or depression which occurs side-by-side with addiction. Often, these conditions fuel each other. A person’s depression might cause them to begin drinking or using drugs in order to escape their pain; or, alternately, a person’s drug abuse may cause their mood to fluctuate or their lifestyle to decline and induce depression. Regardless of which condition preceded the other, it’s necessary for both to be treated thoroughly in rehab.

How Does Drug Rehab Centers NYC Treat Co-Occurring Disorders?

Drug Rehab Centers NYC uses time-tested and approved methods to address psychological disorders of every stamp. Their rehab centers are experienced in handling dual diagnoses and can offer up a cadre of experienced mental health professionals to assess the damage and teach the patient how to handle their conditions constructively. Patients need to be educated about the ways in which co-occurring disorders abet addiction and how addiction can take hold of a healthy mind. Mental health specialists take care to address both psychological disorders (and any secondary addictions) as being interrelated, providing a holistic approach to therapy which addresses each separate malady equally.

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