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A number of people in New York and the United States at large don’t get themselves into rehab at the first sign of an addiction problem. Under the mistaken or prideful belief that they don’t have a problem or can take care of it on their own, many people addicted to drugs refuse to seek help. Even so, rehabilitation is a person’s best chance at successful—and more importantly, safe—recovery.

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Rehabilitation—What is It?

The process of rehabilitation treatment is intended to end both the mental and physical dependencies which a person has developed toward their drug of choice. Detox cleanses the body of substances and nips physical addiction in the bud, and an intense and thorough regimen of therapy and counseling confront the mental issues. This two-pronged approach is designed to give patients the best chance at remaining drug-free after they depart the rehab center. Many people are confused about the precise nature of rehab and believe that detox alone is enough to “cure” a person’s addiction, but this is a misconception—there are often powerful psychological issues which underlie addiction, and rehab is designed to address these and help a patient learn to combat them effectively.

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