Questions to Secondhand pot Smoke Finally Answered

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Most marijuana users consume pot by smoking. Recently the group from John Hopkins University School of Medicine answers the questions of secondhand marijuana smoke. It unveils the fact that inhaling secondhand smoke from a marijuana user in an unventilated place can give the non-smoker a mild high and a positive marijuana result in a urinal test.

People know the dangers of secondhand cigarette smoke but only a few knows that secondhand marijuana smoke can also be adverse. Researchers are constantly active in finding out the harmful effects of secondhand marijuana smoke. Although many studies have confirmed the positive effects of marijuana use such as offering remedy for inflammatory diseases and relieving constant pains, the reputation of marijuana makes it hard for most people to allow the use of it.

Cannabis or marijuana is widely known to be a Schedule I narcotic and is illegal in most parts of the world. Times have changed and number of states has legalized recreational and medical use of marijuana. Many are in danger of second hand cannabis smoke said by study lead author Evan Herrmann, John Hopkins’ postdoctoral fellow in psychiatry and behavioral sciences. The research was based in a worst case scenario. “It could happen in the real world, but it couldn’t happen to someone without him or her being aware of it.” Herrmann made clear.

The study held a test that comprises six pot smokers and six non-marijuana smokers put in a room with ventilations manually controlled by the researchers. Each marijuana smokers are given ten sticks of strong marijuana and let them smoke in two sessions, first with air ventilation and second without ventilation. The two sessions show different results to the non-smokers. This experiment was done to examine the effects of marijuana smoke to the non-smokers.

Experiment with the ventilation condition has no reported effects except for being hungry, which Herrmann admits as a partial suspicion because the experiment lasted before lunch time. The results of blood tests shows no positive signs of marijuana use neither the strict and less sensitive urinal tests.

Nonsmokers in the unventilated condition have inhaled much secondhand pot smoke thus showing effects of pleasurable feeling, exhaustion, and decrease in alertness. Under the extreme conditions, non-smokers in the unventilated room shows positive results in the tests held after the vulnerability to second-hand smoke.

Previous studies cited that repeated exposures to secondhand marijuana smoke can take a toll in a non-smoker’s body. This experiment shows that rumors of secondhand smoke in a ventilated area can’t risk an individual in keeping a clean reputation from your employer and the society. Hermann confirmed, “It would be pretty unlikely for someone to fail a drug test from most real world secondhand exposure scenarios where the environment is ventilated”. Study co-author Edward J. Cone, a adjunct professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences from John Hopkins, declared that “This study is a significant update in our knowledge of cannabis smoke effect on nonsmokers and has implications in many arenas, including drugs and driving,”

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