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New York, like much of the rest of the United States, has chronic problems with alcohol and drug addictions. Alcohol abuse is dangerous enough by itself, but many New Yorkers combine alcohol with other drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, GHB, and others, putting themselves at further risk of poisoning and death. Alcohol abuse treatment is what’s necessary for a person to overcome their alcoholism. Understanding what causes alcoholism and its various side effects is the first step to recovery.

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Treating Alcoholism

Alcoholism recovery begins with a period of detoxification. People develop tolerance to alcohol when they use it to excess, and this puts them in danger of extreme withdrawal symptoms when they stop drinking. Detox eliminates the physical side of addiction and scrubs the body of alcohol-related toxins. This process lasts three to fourteen days and is supervised around the clock by trained medical professionals. This prepares individuals to go through the rehab process, which largely consists of group and one-on-one therapy sessions intended to root out the precise cause of the addiction and treat it at its source.

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